About Us

Why CaptainSup? 
We all are captains of our own journeys… 
For inlanders it tasted salty, yet we fell in love with its beauty immediately. Exploring the never-ending blue while standing on the board only enhanced our desire to discover more. 
During paddle trips we encountered other water lovers enjoying the sea. We were compelled to create an Instagram community where other Sup boarders could share their explorations. Today our community encompasses over 21 thousand followers, growing stronger day by day. 
Upon arriving in California, the CaptainSup Company was born, focusing on positive, colorful sport’s apparel. 
Each CaptainSup hat carries the name of our best SUP locations. Our apparel line is created with respect to water, ocean habitats, and the environment around us. We aim to give back to charities all over the world. We are a 1% for the Planet Member donating back to our environment. By purchasing CaptainSup apparel you are doing your part to help save the blue planet!


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